Inspired by the holster worn by Doc Holliday's character in the film "Tombstone," The Huckleberry Holster is a comfortable, fully adjustable and highly secure shoulder holster. Consisting of two shoulder straps, plus top and bottom straps that go across your back, and around your midsection to hold the holster in place. It is a comfortable fit that holds your gun in a natural, not-quite-horizontal placement.

Holsters options for the 5-1/2" to 7" barrel SAA revolver, and also for mid and large frame semi-auto pistols.


Leather is a natural product with variations that are inherent to the material. Each hide takes dyes and oils differently, so variations in color from product photos are to be expected. Some hides come with marks from barbed wire, branding, and the like. We select hides for their quality and base color, and ship only the best finished products. Please keep these facts in mind when you receive your new leather holster.

Huckleberry Holster

  • Leather shoulder holster.


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